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Updated 01/01/17

The power is in the heads and cam.
The stock heads and cam will limit horsepower and Torque
If your supercharging, I recommend a cam with .114 lobe center,
You can also open the valves more with a rocker with  1.6 ratio.
My recommendtion  the on stock heads are to put larger valves in.
Intake 2.2 & 1.6 Exh in old heads  -  Just pocketExh & port match
Exh Ports -I would add LS1 springs and retainers (Cheep) E-Bay new Take off's
Add  Manton Peformance push rods
Valve float is a performance killer.

(Look for Aftermarket performance heads as they may have the larger
valves and Springs  for  price of mod's on old underperforming heads.)


If your installing pressure sensitive  fuel control, here is how I have done it in the past
If you need more info on this  call me. (602-971-5554)

                           Mod's for Untapped Power
                  1988 to 1995 Vehicles use w/stock engines


#1    16" S-Blade Electric Radiator Fan- This will give you  a minimum of (12rwhp 4.3) to (18 rwhp 5.7)
        Use a Flex-a-lite 400-31165 Fan controller. Cheep contact controllers will burn up your wires.

#2   Replace the  Coil with a high output MSD or Accel Coil.
      This will ignite the fuel more effeciently for more power. 

#3    02 Sensor -Replace if over 40K  -  will give better Fuel Mileage & Performance.

#4    Y Pipe, if it has accordian bends, replace with efficient aftermarket mandrel bent one, Or make
        your own with Mandrel bent tubing.

#5    Change out that old cat for a new High flow cat.

#6    Look at changing out you cat back system for a nice 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 inch high flow system. 

#7     Weather you have a GM 4.3-5.7-7.4  your stock headers are OK .    
         Ceramic coated headers JBA or Pacesetter will increase Horsepower and performance.
         Do not buy Black painted,stainless, chromed,  headers as it will cost you horsepower,            
         and cause Ignition wire damage . Heat is a Horsepower Killer.

#8     Lets look at you throttle body, Check the wear on the throttle shaft, if worn I would send
         the base out to have it rebushed or find a better base for supercharging, so you don't end 
         up with a fuel smell or fuel puddles on your

#9     Stock Ignition wires  will leak  with the high output ignition, replace with a quality 
         set  they will probably last for years. 
#10    A new set of Champion RV12YC-406 plugs, these are 2 steps colder and  
          regap to .035-.040 when Supercharging.

#11     Always have you engine in top tune when supercharging.       

# 12      Your Transmission  needs a little help so you dont burn it up. Install a shift kit,
            and Servo -this will add to your trans life.  (TCI has the shift kit & Servo.)

#13     Depending on where you live  install a trans cooler. The system you have now
            is a trans oil heater.

#14       Stock Engine and transmission mounts are not the best in your truck, switch over
            to the urethane engine and trans mounts (Energy Suspension).


Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gage
You need to disable the TBI fuel regulator before installing new regulator.
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